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Our non-precious crowns are composed of less than 25% non-precious metals, giving your patient a reliable and long-lasting restoration. It is a practical yet sturdy option for your patients that provides an economical solution. These base metal alloys contain nickel, chrome, and/or beryllium alloys which have been carefully formulated to last for years to come.


Our full cast semi-precious metal crown is a dental restoration that replaces part or all of a tooth’s enamel. This alloy contains more than 25% noble metal, such as gold, platinum, and palladium. Noble metal crowns provide an allergy-friendly restoration at a more affordable price compared to high noble crowns.

High Noble


Our full cast crowns boast an impressive composition of over 60% gold, platinum and/or palladium content, making them exceptionally durable and easy to manipulate. No matter the desired restoration aesthetic, be it white or yellow gold high noble metal, we have you covered.

Full Cast

These restorations have proven to be resilient and reliable in both regular use and unusual circumstances, making them an excellent choice for individuals who want to maintain their dental health as well as achieve a natural-looking result.