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When it comes to handling your most challenging cases, BruxZir Full-Strength Zirconia is the ideal solution. This advanced dental material has an unrivaled strength and durability that makes it perfect for treating patients with severe bruxism and other difficult cases. Moreover, the aesthetic quality of BruxZir Full-Strength Zirconia provides a natural look and feel that […]

Porcelain Fused Zirconia

PFZ dental restorations provide the perfect solution for patients who are seeking a lifelike, high-quality restoration. Porcelain fused to zirconia construction gives extra strength and durability – far more than traditional porcelain or acrylic restorations. Thanks to the natural translucency of zirconia, patients can achieve a realistic, natural tooth appearance. Furthermore, PFZ restorations have no […]

IPS e.max®

If you are looking for a dental restoration that can handle daily wear and tear while also providing a beautiful, natural look, the IPS e.max crown is an ideal solution. This advanced restoration is made of lithium disilicate, a material known for its strength and esthetics. With the IPS e.max crown, your patients will be […]


At Scannaire, we take great pride in handcrafting each and every one of our veneers with extraordinary precision and care. Our veneers are especially perfect for situations where you need to mask an underlying color while maintaining its desired translucency. With a team of dedicated designers, you can have confidence that your veneer will be […]

Temporary Crown

Temporary crowns offer a great solution for patients who need to wait for their custom-fit crown. These temporary crowns are designed to provide immediate relief and aesthetic improvement, while also ensuring the tooth structure is held in place until the permanent restoration is ready. Unlike permanent crowns, our temporary crowns have more give, providing a […]

PMMA Provisional

We provide a wide selection of temporary restorative solutions to meet the needs of your patients. Our PMMA provisional restorations are highly durable and aesthetically pleasing, offering a natural translucent look that is sure to make your patients feel good about their smiles! With our high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology, you can be confident that […]

Metal Free

These restorations can be applied by utilizing a castable resin, such as high-fusing acrylic, glass ionomer or composite. These materials are known for their strength and resistance to wear, offering the patient a more aesthetically pleasing result. When used in conjunction with a metal-free crown or bridge, these materials can also be securely bonded directly […]