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Complete Denture

Scannaire offers a range of full denture options, from conventional and immediate to pre-made over dentures. During the conventional and immediate procedures, the patient’s existing teeth may be removed to enable the clinicians to take measurements. Scannaire also provides models that can help with positioning on their jawline. Over dentures are perfect for those who […]

Cast Partial Denture

Cast partial dentures provide patients with a natural-looking smile and improved function. A metal framework is used for retention, which provides support to the remaining natural teeth and prevents them from shifting. The casting material used in its construction is advantageous due to its adjustable nature, superior durability, and lightweight and flexible properties. This type […]

Vitallium® Cast Partial

At Scannaire, we are proud to use the highest quality and strength Vitallium® alloys when casting our partial frameworks. This advanced alloy gives us the ability to create smaller, thinner partial frameworks that provide durable clasps without sacrificing strength or integrity. No matter what combination case or precision attachment case you need, with our experienced […]

Valplast® Metal Combo

The Valplast® Metal Combo partial denture is a hybrid between a Valplast flexible partial and a metal hook partial. This type of device is ideal for individuals who have lost all or many of their back teeth, as it offers the stability and strength of metal while also allowing the front teeth or smile teeth […]

Valplast® Partial Denture

Valplast Flexible Partials are widely recognized as the most comfortable option for dentures, with a quick and precise final restoration. Not only that, they are typically more affordable than fixed restorations, and only slightly more expensive than conventional dentures with noticeable metal clasps. What truly sets Valplast apart is the aesthetic quality it provides – […]

Acrylic Partial Denture

At Scannaire, we use only the highest-quality materials to craft our acrylic partial dentures. Our skilled technicians are dedicated to achieving the best possible results for your patients and delivering superb customer service. We strive to provide natural-looking, comfortable and durable dentures that will meet your expectations and those of your patients. Our denture specialists […]

Night Guard

Introducing our top-of-the-line night guards – ideal for protecting your patients’ teeth while they sleep! Our night guards are crafted with a luxurious and comfortable material, making them perfect not just for nighttime but also for long-term use. With our night guards, you can be sure that your patients’ smiles will remain healthy and strong. […]


Our denture offering is no exception to the commitment we have to providing quality dental products that are tailored to comfort, durability, and natural aesthetics. With our premium Valplast partial & complete prosthetics, your patients can enjoy years of reliable function without the need for regular chair-side maintenance or adjustments. Our Valplast prosthetics offer ultimate […]