Whether immediate or conventional, we provide a variety of full denture options to ensure your patient’s individual needs are met.


Strong and lightweight, our cast partials can be designed to any configuration.  Design the appropriate rests and clasps yourself, or leave it to our expert technicians.  Either way your patient will leave with a comfortable long-lasting restoration.


Our most lightweight cast framework.  Vitallium® is great when strength is needed and weight matters.


Combination partials are ideal for those difficult cases where the strength of a metal framework is needed, but some clasping has to be hidden anteriorly.  We make sure your patient can smile without worrying about clasps being seen.


Valplast is the most aesthetic of our removable products.  Designed to look as natural and with care to hide clasps, our Valplast dentures are durable and comfortable.


More affordable than cast partial or Valplast, our acrylic partials are great whether traditional or a flipper.


Protecting your patients while they sleep, our night guards come in soft, hard, and combination varieties to ensure maximum comfort while dreaming.

Removable Denture Options

Our denture offering is no exception to the commitment we have to providing quality dental products that are tailored to comfort, durability, and natural aesthetics. With our premium Valplast partial & complete prosthetics, your patients can enjoy years of reliable function without the need for regular chair-side maintenance or adjustments. Our Valplast prosthetics offer ultimate durability and long-term peace of mind that you won’t find with other denture solutions.

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