Valplast® Partial Dentures,


Valplast Flexible Partials are widely recognized as the most comfortable option for dentures, with a quick and precise final restoration. Not only that, they are typically more affordable than fixed restorations, and only slightly more expensive than conventional dentures with noticeable metal clasps. What truly sets Valplast apart is the aesthetic quality it provides – an unparalleled beauty that cannot be found elsewhere.

With a Valplast Flexible Partial, your patients can carry themselves with confidence and security while communicating, dining out or even just smiling!

Valplast is the most aesthetic of our removable products.  Designed to look as natural and with care to hide clasps, our Valplast dentures are durable and comfortable.


ADA Codes

  • D5211 Upper
  • D5212 Lower
  • D5213 Upper partial – cast metal
  • D5214 Lower partial – cast metal
  • D5861 Overdenture partial