Surgical Guides,

Implant Services

Scannaire’s custom-made surgical guides provide our dentists with the exact precision and accuracy they need to carry out successful dental surgeries for their patients. Every guide is carefully tailored to fit the unique shape and size of each individual’s mouth, making sure that procedures are performed with maximum precision and efficiency. Our lab surgical guides offer the utmost care and comfort to our patients, giving them peace of mind that they are receiving the best treatment possible. With Scannaire’s surgical guides, you can trust that your surgery will run smoothly with exceptional results.

Helping our clients with even the trickiest cases, our surgical guides make planning and treatment more manageable.


ADA Codes

  • D6190: Radiographic/surgical implant index. Surgical indexing  involves the process of recording the position of implants relative to the adjacent teeth.  The objective is to guide the surgeon of the position of implant, who can then generate articulated models ad dies for fabrication of abutment.