Titanium Abutment,

Implant Services

Inclusive Titanium Abutments are designed to facilitate the connection between an endosseous implant and a dental prosthesis. The abutment body is straight and has been specifically crafted to fit securely within any region of the mouth. This consistency ensures that each abutment is compatible with the seated implant, creating a tight seal between the two components. To further bolster this connection, each abutment screw is made from titanium, reinforcing the strength of the bond between the implant and prosthesis. Inclusive Titanium Abutments are designed for maximum reliability and durability, making them an excellent choice for patients in need of dental prostheses.

Custom milled for each individual case, our Titanium abutments ensure the best seal between abutment and implant regardless of the complexity of the case.


ADA Codes

  • D6094 abutment supported crown titanium and titanium alloys