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Titanium Abutment

Inclusive Titanium Abutments are designed to facilitate the connection between an endosseous implant and a dental prosthesis. The abutment body is straight and has been specifically crafted to fit securely within any region of the mouth. This consistency ensures that each abutment is compatible with the seated implant, creating a tight seal between the two […]

Zirconia Abutment

Zirconia abutments with titanium bases are often used when creating all-ceramic or zirconia restorations in the anterior region of the mouth. This is due to their natural-looking emergence profile that ensures ideal soft tissue contours and a more aesthetically pleasing result. When selecting an abutment for a zirconia crown or bridge, a zirconia abutment should […]

FCZ Screw-Retained Hybrid Crown

Our full-contour hybrid screw-retained crown restorations offer an exceptional combination of strength, beauty, and durability that is unrivaled by other restorative solutions. By eliminating the risk of excess cement left below the margin, one of the leading causes for implant failure is virtually eliminated. Additionally, retrievability of these crowns is easy, safe, and noninvasive – […]


The Zirconia All-on-4 is a full arch, screw retained implant restoration that offers many advantages over acrylic dentures. Unlike traditional acrylic dentures which can easily become stained and require regular cleaning with toothpaste or hydrogen peroxide solution to avoid yellowing on the lips due to pigmentation from food particles getting trapped in the material; this […]


The Zirconia All-on-6 is a full arch, screw retained implant restoration designed to provide a secure and aesthetically pleasing solution to tooth loss. Unlike acrylic dentures which can easily stain and require regular cleaning with toothpaste or hydrogen peroxide solutions in order to avoid yellowing due to the build up of food particles; the Zirconia […]

Surgical Guides

Scannaire’s custom-made surgical guides provide our dentists with the exact precision and accuracy they need to carry out successful dental surgeries for their patients. Every guide is carefully tailored to fit the unique shape and size of each individual’s mouth, making sure that procedures are performed with maximum precision and efficiency. Our lab surgical guides […]

Custom Abutments

Scannaire Custom Abutments are 100% compatible with all the major implant systems and boast superior quality materials. Our titanium and hybrid (titanium base/zirconia) abutments provide reliable products that your patients can trust to last. As an expert manufacturer in dental implants, we take the utmost care when designing custom bone replacements, taking subgingival margins into […]

Implant Services

Scannaire offers superior restorative care solutions and implant options that are compatible with all major manufacturers, such as Nobel Biocare®, Straumann®, and Zimmer Biomet. We specialize in fabricated metal implants for exceptional aesthetics as well as a realistic neural function essential for patient health. But we do not stop there; Scannaire also provides a range […]