Custom Abutments,

Implant Services

Scannaire Custom Abutments are 100% compatible with all the major implant systems and boast superior quality materials. Our titanium and hybrid (titanium base/zirconia) abutments provide reliable products that your patients can trust to last.

As an expert manufacturer in dental implants, we take the utmost care when designing custom bone replacements, taking subgingival margins into account for natural tooth morphology. We ensure a beautiful aesthetic outcome without sacrificing stability or function during the healing period so your patients can smile confidently knowing they have a secure restoration.

We offer full titanium and hybrid abutments so your patients can smile confidently knowing they're getting reliable products.


ADA Codes

  • D6057 - Custom Abutment - A connection to an implant that is a fabricated component, usually be a laboratory, specific for an individual application. A custom abutment is typically fabricated using a casting process and usually is made of noble or high noble metal.