High Noble,

Porcelain Fused to Metal

A PFM (porcelain fused to metal) high noble restoration is crafted with higher-quality metal, providing a superior coping option for restorations. PFM restorations are used commonly in posterior regions of the mouth where aesthetics is not a prime concern; as compared to anterior regions, it is more important that the restoration be durable and reliable in order to withstand repeated contact with occlusal forces. The combination of metal and porcelain provide an effective solution for such applications.

Yellow gold PFMs offer the best aesthetics of all PFM options.  The warm yellow blends naturally at margins to reduce any dark areas showing through the porcelain, ensuring your patient’s crowns are not overly bulky.



  • Single crowns, short & long-span bridges, implant supported crown & bridge


  • Excellent Strength
  • High gold content for purity/color stability
  • Premium porcelain for esthetics
  • Certified Bio-compatible

ADA Codes

  • D2750 - Crown - porcelain fused to high noble metal